Fees and Attendance

Fees and Attendance

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Fees and Attendance

Standard Day:  9am-3pm

We have a minimum booking of 2 standard days per week.
Families can also add an early session (7:30am-9am)
and/or a late session (3pm-5:30pm)

Under 3s only: Half days (9am-12pm)

minimum booking of 3 half days per week
Each session is based on $7 per hour..
Early Session = $10.50
Standard Day = $42 (or FREE)
Late Session = $17.50
Half-day session = $21
If more than one child, youngest child is $7.00 & oldest child/ren $4.90 (30% discount)
Under 2s cap per week = $275
Over 3s cap per week = $100
* 3years+ can receive up to 30 hours free (maximum of 6hrs per day) – purchasing early or late sessions gives 2 free hours per session purchased to gain access to the additional free hours over 20HoursECE.
(Please note that attestation forms must be signed PRIOR to child claiming their free hours, and no back payments will be made).


Our preferred method of payment is Online Banking/Automatic Payments, but we do accept Cash or Cheque payments.


Fees are to be paid weekly, unless negotiated with management (e.g. in line with your own pays – such as fortnightly).  If fees remain unpaid, you will be issued a notice of overdue accounts.  If debt continues, your child’s place may be withdrawn, and unpaid fees passed on to a debt collector (and you will be required to pay all fees incurred).  If you require any help with working out a payment plan, we are happy to work with you, as much as possible.


As the Preschool will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period, there will be no fees charged.
You are entitled to 4 weeks a year at a 50% rate for holidays (two weeks’ notice is required for this) and any additional holidays will be charged at 100%.


All sick days will be charged at full fees.


Public Holidays will not be charged for.
As emergency closures cannot be planned for, in the event of one happening, full fees will still be charged, as all running costs still occur. We will, however, endeavour to always do our best to prevent Preschool from closing.


Any changes to your child’s hours must be recorded on the temporary/permanent change forms (located just inside the door) and received by 4pm Thursday of the two weeks prior to required changes.  As we staff for what bookings we have, changes received after this may result in requests being declined.


You are able to swap a booked day (during the same week only) – if space is available (eg you are away on holiday on Monday so your child attends on Tuesday for the same booked hours).


Two weeks’ notice is required if a child no longer requires a permanent booking.  If the two week notice is not attended, it will still be charged for.  All outstanding fees must be paid in full on, or before, the last day of attendance.


We accept WINZ subsidies. Full fees are charged until confirmation of subsidy – this will then be adjusted on your account.  It is your responsibility to let WINZ know if you change your hours (at any time) or leave.
Please note that fees will be regularly reviewed to ensure that we can afford the highest quality education.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Kia ora.